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Hora: septiembre 24, 2010 a las 6pm a octubre 31, 2010 a las 7pm
Ubicación: http://www.ellibroysuslecturaspuntoazul.info/
Tipo de evento: call, for, an, international, exhibition, of, artist’s, book, and, object
Organizado por: Jim Lorena
Última actividad: 29 Sep 2010

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Descripción del evento

“thebookanditsreadings.blue” it is a call for an international exhibition of artist’s book and book object with blue subject matter, healed by Jim Lorena.

The blue colour is the link of union that it contributes the point in common to the group and at the same time is the concept that it is useful of pretext to introduce us in the reflections on artist's book/book object.

This call for “thebookanditsreadings.blue” is the second one with the same denomination. Last year started the trip of this call that was thought as a work in progress. A virtual http://www.ellibroysuslecturaspuntoazul.info/ Gallery was set up with her at the end of 2008 and at the beginning of 2009 works received were explained in the Gallery of Art Concha Pedrosa de Sevilla and then in the Space GB of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sevilla, with suitable expositives concepts to every space.

The diversity went one of the intentions of the previous call. In this, the intention is of going further away and of confronting with great force different concepts and sometimes contradictory on artist's book.

This international call for exhibition, at first virtual, is also the base of a work of European thesis, registered in the University of Sevilla. So that the thesis is rigorous, interests especially to fill all necessary requirements.

Requirements necessary to this call

Participants of last year can return to do it with another work.

Technical data sheet: title, date, dimensions, technique/s, price.

Photos of the work: the enough ones to understand the work.

• Photos of 72 ppp, size 800 píxeles of gauge, proportional of high, in RGB.

• Photos of 300 ppp, size of 15x10 cm, in cuatricromía, CMYK.

Abbreviated curriculum with the ten most significant points and/or essential of your artistic path.

Write-up on the blue concept of that which is discussed in the work. Maximum middle folio with the essential thing. About 1500 characters.

Link Website, blog…

These data will be useful to carry out a catalogue of the exhibition


The admission of digital documentation will finish when finishing October.


For the time being there is not no exhibition in person fixed.
When there are possibilities for one or more's performance exhibitions, will get in touch with you.

The mail of contact for the call or on issues related:



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Comentario por Jim Lorena el septiembre 26, 2010 a las 10:32pm
Bonjour Jocelyne! Ta documentation est déjà ordonnée et dans mes archives. Tout va bien, j'ai seulement traduit la convocation en plusieurs langues. Rien a changé.

Comentario por Jocelyne Aird-Bélanger el septiembre 26, 2010 a las 12:30pm
I already sent my participation,I still don't knowif it was accepted?????????????
Pleas let me know...
Jocelyne AB

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Jim Lorena y Antonio Damián

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