multiple matters Graphic concepts

Detalles del evento

multiple matters  Graphic concepts

Hora: mayo 15, 2010 a las 6pm a junio 13, 2010 a las 7pm
Ubicación: Künstlerhaus
Calle: Karlsplatz 5
Ciudad/Pueblo: Wien
Página Web o mapa:…
Tipo de evento: exhibition
Organizado por: International Print Network
Última actividad: 15 May 2010

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Descripción del evento

An exhibition in the context of the International Print Network Kraków - Oldenburg - Wien 2009-2011, funded by the European Union in connection with the cultural programme 2007-2013

The exhibition multiple matters - Graphic Concepts displays relevant and specifically graphic concepts of contemporary pictoral work in the graphic prints of approximately 150 international artists. Current graphic print is resuming the tradition of the reproduced image and in this, equally applies the most recent and traditional techniques of image production. Nowadays, printing techniques have moved to the centre of attention because of their clear significance for our cultural and democratic development. Today, graphic print is the reproducible and published pictoral message, which has detached itself from the original term that reduces graphic print to just historically and technically defined attributes. In the field of graphics, media as diverse as drawing, photography, collage, painting, writing or video meet each other; printing block and pixel array unite them into something new.

The exhibition multiple matters - Graphic Concepts is structured into two areas: The first shows the concepts of the reproducible, the serial, of innovation, variation and metamorphosis. In this, graphic art is employed as an interdisciplinary research laboratory, as a field of exploring questions about the technical pre-conditions of the reproducible image and its capacity to reflect, analyse and transform topics, contents and techniques. The second area shows how, in an entirely new way, numerous artists have recently taken up graphics again as pictures of thought, information picture, agitation and discussion. They explore the role of the pictures in the pictoral world of politics, culture and comunication; they apply graphics to analyze, interpret and illustrate social realitites and to inform and agitate.

The exhibition multiple matters - Graphic Concepts is part of the comprehensive programme that has been initiated in cooperation with the Krakow triennial graphics exhibition and the Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg in 2006. Also in connection with this programme, the exhibition "print" took place in Künstlerhaus Vienna in 2007. The artists participating in the exhibition multiple matters- Graphical Concepts were selected in the competition of the international Krakow triennial graphics exhibition 2009.



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